Managing Authorizations

From one screen, all authorizations can be managed throughout the entire business process.


Authorizations Made Easy

Easily add an authorization or a whole batch of authorizations with a single click, not only saving time but eliminating errors that occur when information is entered manually. Quickly locate any authorization by authorization number, Job Developer, VRC, client name, program (cost center), dates and authorization status (Active, Ready to Be Billed, Billed, Paid, Cancelled and Amended).

Our VR software for managing authorizations also makes life easier for those who manage the billing process. Notifications from the job developers identify which authorizations are ready to be billed. One click will preview the invoice and all supporting documentation; another will email the invoice with all necessary information in approved OOD template formats. When it comes to managing Authorizations, it doesn’t get easier than this.


Simplify Authorizations Management with Brittco Software

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