Software for Ohio County Boards of Developmental Disabilities

Are you looking for an alternative to Gatekeeper or Infal for your software?
We can easily migrate your existing data into our solution, which is designed to be simple to use
and offers your board considerable cost savings.

Time & Cost-Saving Solutions
for Ohio County Boards of Developmental Disabilities

Learn more about the unique features and benefits of utilizing our software for your county board.

SSA Targeted Case Management

It only takes a few minutes of training for SSA’s to learn how to use our system for taking and tracking Case Notes.

Early Intervention (EI)

The EI Staff have their own case noting system and reports separate from TCM.  Brittco is quickly becoming the new standard for EI case noting across the state of Ohio.

ISP Packet

Brittco has revolutionized the ISP planning process with its electronic “packet” that organizes all the necessary documents which replaces the old paper checklists.

Client Information

Manage and organize client information including basic demographics, IDs, contacts and more.

Waiting List Assessment

Easily fill out the Waiting List Assessment form, submit to DODD and report on results, all within our system.

Medicaid & Title XX Billing

Easily create billing data and a transmission flat file along with reconciliation.

Provider Support

It is more important than ever for County Boards to find ways to support Providers to help them succeed.

Sharing Outcomes with Providers

This you have to see.  It’s a real game-changer.  This is unique to Brittco and will change how county boards and Providers do business together.

Incidents Portal

All Providers in your County can now have access to an electronic Incident Reporting system.  No more paper.  And emailing and faxing are now history.

Custom Forms

Forms can be easily created with our “Form Builder”.


We provide a wide selection of downloadable reports.

Document Management with Intellivue

If you already have Intellivue for your Document Management, then Brittco Software will automatically link clients with their corresponding documents.

Browser and cloud-based

Data is entered using a web browser and stored securely in the cloud, meaning your data goes with you wherever you are.

Staff User Groups and Permissions

Staff User Groups are used to control what each group of staff may see and do.


Keep track of your staff scheduling needs using our easy-to-use calendar.

Save Money and Increase Efficiency with Brittco Case Notes

Our software’s Targeted Case Management feature allows your staff to easily track their notes from all meetings and travels. In fact, because our software is cloud-based, they can enter notes using their phone before they even return to the office—a huge time savings. And the SSAs love the ability to use TALK TO TEXT!  Click on the link below to read about the dramatic increase in productivity at Shelby County after switching from Gatekeeper to Brittco.

Look no further than Brittco Software – get started today.