DSP Essentials eLearning

Integrated eLearning for DSPs with automatically generated certificates, scheduling, and notifications, combine to deliver a unique training platform.

DSP Essentials eLearning Course

We are very excited to introduce the release of our new DSP Essentials eLearning course! This is the first in a series of Brittco eLearning courses designed for DSPs. The DSP Essentials course is comprised of 14 modules and a final quiz and can be used for your 8-hour mandatory training for new DSPs, as well as for meeting the annual training requirement.

Our eLearning lessons are user-centric, engaging, and interactive. Exercises and practice questions give the DSP an opportunity to check their knowledge on the material.

Integrated Training Environment

The DSP Essentials course is fully-integrated into the Brittco Software so that you can easily schedule the training for each of your DSPs. This streamlined approach means, once you schedule the training, automated notifications are sent when the training is due, saving you time and money.

Progress is tracked as the DSP is taking the course, and they can return to where they left off. A final quiz helps you and your staff gauge the knowledge acquired. And of course, a report is available to see all the relevant information you’ll want as a manager.

Our Commitment to eLearning

The DSP Essentials course is only the beginning. We are committed to bringing a library of courses to you. Additional modules will be added as they become available, all integrated into your Brittco Software.

Future Enhancements

The capability to upload your own training material, documents, and quizzes will be added in a future release. Our goal is to provide a single platform for all of your training needs!

There are over 280 content screens in the DSP Essentials course! Please take a look at a few of them using the following slide show.

Loaded with meaningful, custom illustrations

Crucial information on the conditions that affect individuals with DD

Meaningful interactivity

Information to keep your staff safe

Information to keep your staff safe

Relevant topics to help staff members better serve individuals with DD

'How to' demonstrations for just in time learning

Procedures to help prevent the spread of illness

Exercises to help retain knowledge learned

Real-world scenarios to build confidence

Information about the rights of individuals with DD

Apply acquired knowledge with targeted exercises

Practice questions with targeted feedback reinforce course material

Information to help your staff to better serve individuals with DD

Thought provoking exercises

Helpful tips and best practices

Clear infographics

DSP Essentials Course Outline

Module 1 – Overview of caring for individuals with developmental disabilities (DD)

Each of the following are individual lessons in the module:

  1. History of the treatment of individuals with DD
  2. Definition, scope, and common forms of DD
  3. Nervous system disabilities
  4. Sensory disabilities
  5. Metabolic system disabilities
  6. De-generative conditions
  7. Module review
  8. Identifying the three common types of DD

Module 2 – Individual Service Plans (including person-centered-planning, self-advocacy, and self-determination)

  1. Individual Service Plans (ISPs)
  2. Type of Waivers

Module 3 – Rights of individuals served

Module 4 – Incidents adversely affecting health and welfare of individuals with DD

Module 5 – Universal precautions and infection control

Module 6 – Community Integration (the full participation of all individuals in community life)

Module 7 – Quiz

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