County Board Integration

Unique to Brittco Software is the integration with most County Boards that includes ISP plans,
goals & outcomes, and incident reporting.

ISP Plan, Goals & Outcomes

For Providers serving individuals in counties in which the County Board uses Brittco Software, it’s a very simple process to import the ISP Plan and Goals & Outcomes using the County Board web portal.  This saves hours of time re-entering data and eliminates potential errors.

Incident Reporting

When it’s time to submit an Incident report to your county board, there is no need to email anything.  Just click a button and all the county board personnel that want a notificiation of a new incident will receive one.  They then can access the incident report in their own Brittco system.  This is the first and only paperless Indicident Reporting system.

Reduce Your Paperwork with Our Software

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