Brittco Software - Next Generation

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Highlighted New Features

Merge BID, VR, and County Board

The three Brittco Software solutions currently available will be merged into ONE solution.  This means ONE client list, ONE staff list, and many more advantages.


All attendance, transportation, HPC, and every other event will be setup, managed, and controlled by a central Scheduler.

Integrated Context-senstive Help/Training

Help and training tutorials will be integrated into every screen and many user actions.

Staff Utilization and HR

Managing staff information and data is a priority and interfaces to the many accounting systems will be included.

User Activity Log (Audit Trail)

Every staff interaction (save, delete, view, etc.) will be tracked and time-stamped with reportable auditing trails.

Enhanced Automated Alert System

Alerts for every critical “reminder” will be broadcast via email, text, and/or the message board.

User-added Forms

Users will be able to add their own forms that can capture data to the Brittco database.

Document Management

Storing documentation in the cloud will be simple and provide a way to eliminate client paperwork.  By using the Brittco server, HIPPA compliance concerns are eliminated.

Provider/County Board/Client/Guardian Information Sharing

A portal for multiple but limited user access will be made available to various type of potential users to provide an easy method of sharing information.

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