Case Notes On The Go

How Brittco Software Is Simplifying Complex TCM Requirements

Case Notes

Two words summarize what many County Boards of Developmental Disabilities (CBDDs) cite as their biggest drain on staff efficiency: Case notes.

Targeted Case Management (TCM) is essential for county boards, but for many Service and Support Administrators (SSAs), the process is time-consuming, antiquated, and prone to errors. Brittco recognized this challenge and developed TCM software that is user-friendly, intuitive, and cloud-based. Read on to learn how our software is saving the Shelby CBDD thousands of dollars in software costs and is greatly increasing staff efficiency.


The Challenge

For many years, Shelby County had been using alternative products to input and manage case notes.  Like many CBDDs, their SSA staff would painstakingly write case notes down throughout the day and would often not decipher and input them until days, or even weeks, later.

According to Krista Oldiges, Director of Support Services for the Shelby County Board of Developmental Disabilities, hours of employee time was lost to this process every month: “There is so much wasted time and duplication as an SSA—so many write [their case notes] down as their day progresses in a little notebook. Then at the end of the month, or the next month, they are trying to remember everything they did and get all their case notes in.”

That process was not only cumbersome but would often lead to errors as staff tried to remember the details of meetings and services from several weeks ago.

“TCM is revenue for our agency. The more we can get [our staff] to document on things that are billable, the more revenue it creates for our agency. Anything we can do to make it easier for them to document is well worth it,” said Krista.

The solution to making the process easier? Brittco’s TCM software.


The Solution

Brittco’s software for Ohio CBDDs includes a mobile case notes feature, making it easy for staff to track their notes from meetings and travels on the go. Our TCM software is:

Cloud-based, allowing staff to enter case notes wherever–or whenever–they choose.
Chronological, making it easy for staff to see where they are in their day.
Categorized, helping staff to quickly designate billable and nonbillable times.

The talk-to-text feature allows SSAs to complete their case notes in real-time, after they leave a meeting or complete a service. Instead of taking notes by hand to submit later, they can submit on the go. This allows SSAs to spend less time on handwritten case notes and needless duplication and more time on the people they support.


The Results

When Shelby County Board of Developmental Disabilities made the switch to Brittco, they realized a cost savings of $14,000—but that wasn’t the only benefit.

“[The cost savings] was a huge deciding factor. But also, I thought, ‘This is a no-brainer.’ It is an easy program to use, it is easier than Gatekeeper. The SSAs don’t have to think as much about what’s billable and what’s nonbillable because there are different categories. All they have to do is check off the service they provided and Brittco categorizes it for them—eliminating errors. And that cost savings, that’s money we can turn around and use on people we serve,” said Krista.

In a field where staff is constantly dealing with change, the switch to Brittco was one change they didn’t mind. Both Krista and Melissa reported that training was easy and quick—taking just minutes—and beyond the initial setup, questions and support needs were minimal.

With the switch to Brittco, SSAs in Shelby County are showing the highest levels of efficiency; especially those using the talk-to-text feature.

The Benefits

The benefits of Brittco’s TCM software extend to all individuals in the field, including:

SSAs: Case notes are easily entered on the go through an intuitive system, with the ability to talk to text.
● Directors: SSAs are spending less time on TCM, so more billable time is available to focus on the people you support—plus reports are easily generated at any time.
● IT and Technical Support specialists: Our software is cloud-based, making updates and modifications simple—and no additional hardware headaches for you to support.

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